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How to Make a Stroller Pouch/Purse

An essential item for all moms is a stroller. But not just one stroller, because there are many scenarios where a regular stroller just won't do the job. So, like me, you may end up with a jogger and umbrella stroller as well. Well with an umbrella stroller, there is usually no storage... so you have to improvise. Cue in my easy tutorial on how to make a convertible stroller pouch that you can also use as a small purse!

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This stroller bag is similar to my Fourth of July Tote, but not made from items in the Target Dollar section! This little bag is great to have on the back of an umbrella stroller to hold small items like a phone, sunglasses, keys, etc. It is also a handy little purse that you can use because I designed it to have ribbons for the strap that tie at your desired length. As a mom, I love having something that is multi-purpose so I don't have to carry seven hundred bags with me!

I picked out a fabric that I felt complimented the stroller so that it all would blend together and look cute. The fabric I picked out was this pretty teal pattern called Gold Star in the Sea from Hobby Lobby. I then measured my umbrella stroller, which is a teal Cosco stroller that I got at Target (this stroller is so great for day trips and walking around a city/downtown area with small shops). Between the handles of the stroller was 11", so I cut my fabric to be 12x12" to have a little extra fabric for the seams. I began my project by cutting out the fabric for both side of the bag (four pieces total for two sets) and flipping the sets so that the printed sides were facing each other.

Pin the fabric so that it stays together and then sew along the edge so that the outer edge of your presser foot is in line with the edge of the fabric. Sew all the way around the square of fabric, leaving an inch or two of an opening to turn the bag inside out. When you are done sewing, start to pull the bag in through the opening you left until it is inside out. Then use an object like a pen or the end of a pair of tweezers to push the corners as much as you can. Set the first piece aside and repeat on the other set of squares.

Once you have both sides sewn, you will sew them together to make the bag itself. You don't need to worry about what side is which, since the inside and outside are the same (unless you decide to use a different fabric for the inside, then you would want to have that side on the outside of the bag to sew). Pin the two sides together, keeping the side of the square that you want as the top to be as even as possible and unpinned, since that will be the opening for the bag.

Once you pin, begin to sew by hugging the outer edge of the presser foot to the seam (since you can't sew through the 8 layers of fabric from the seam). Back stitch when you start sewing as well as when you finish the third side. Do not sew the fourth side, since that will be the top. You should then have a little pouch when you are done sewing!

The bag once you have three sides sewn!

For the straps/handles of the bag, I decided that I wanted to add ribbon, since I thought it would look cute and I could tie the ribbon to any length that I wanted depending on if I wanted it to be on the stroller or as a purse. I folded the ribbon over twice so that the fold was about an inch in length and to have it be stronger for holding my stuff. Placing the ribbon at the top of the seam on one side of the bag, I sewed a square around the edge of the ribbon fold starting at the top where the rim of the bag was.

When I got back to the top of the square, I sewed diagonally down from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. I then continued sewing down the bottom of the square to the bottom left hand corner, then did another diagonal line from the bottom left corner to the top right and back across the top of the square. Repeat this on the other side of the bag.

Now that you have the ribbon sewed on, you have a complete bag! Again, this is a great bag to use with your stroller (since you can tie it to any of them!) or it can be used as a small purse while you are out and about. Because the purse does not have a zipper, it gives you easy access to any of your belongings that you put inside. Let me know if you try making this little stroller bag/purse and what you think of it!

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Lynn D'Adamo
Lynn D'Adamo
12 juil. 2019

Very cute and clever!

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