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Target Dollar Spot Crafts: Funky Cork Board

Brought to you from the Target Dollar Spot is another fun craft to try! If you are a busy human (which is everyone really) you probably have a way of organizing yourself and the things that keep you busy. Those things include but are not limited to kids, jobs, homes, social obligations, health, etc. With this DIY funky cork board organizer, you can stay on top of the things in your life that keep you busy by using it as a visual reminder!

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Funky cork board all complete!

Some of the supplies that I was able to get links for were the cork board, magnetic container, and thumb tacks. I used for the pom pom tacks. The supplies that I was not able to find links for were the pom poms, jump rope, and the chalkboard mini signs. All of them I found at my local Target in their dollar section with the exception of the tacks, since I found those in the office supply section.

All of the supplies I used from the Target Dollar Section, minus the tacks and hot glue gun used to glue everything down!

So how was this creation made, you ask? This craft was honestly very easy and took me about 20 minutes to put together, which is great if you are looking for a quick DIY that also helps you stay organized! If you are a list girl like me, this cork board will come in handy to keep your list ready to grab before you go out to the store. You can also store other little paper items like tickets, gift certificates, and rewards cards that you don't want getting lost.

The little magnetic container is a great place to store your tacks that hold up your lists/paper items on the cork board, too! You can make your own DIY pom pom tacks like I will show you later in this post, or you can use your own fun tacks from home. Either way, adding the magnetic container will help keep those tacks right where you need them instead of being lost in a junk or desk drawer, never to see the light of day again!

I also designed this board so that the jump rope was not completely glued down in some places, creating small loops to attach a clip or clothespin to. This gives you two different ways to attach a note or list to your cork board.

Now on to the instructions! First, you will start with your blank cork board and a hot glue gun heating up. Remove the plastic handles of your jump rope and glue down one end of the jump rope to a corner of the cork board. It does not really matter which corner, but not the same corner as you put the magnetic container. As you start to glue down the jump rope, start to make a random pattern and avoid glueing down some sections of rope to leave a loop (you can also opt to just glue the whole thing down and not bother with the loops).

You can see in this photo where the jump rope is lifted. This is about an inch to an inch and a half in length so that a clothespin can fit around the jump rope with ease.

Continue to make a random pattern around the cork board with the jump rope with small loops interspersed throughout and leave a somewhat circular corner to fit the magnetic container. Once you have come back to the corner you started in, cut the rope so there is no tail and glue it down. In the corner you made circular, glue down the magnetic container.

Rope and magnetic container are glued down!

Next I glued the pom poms to the tacks by adding a small dollop of glue to a pom pom, then stuck it to a tack. In the pack I got there were five colors and I used four of each color pom pom to make my bunch of tacks, totaling to 20 tacks for the board. You can do more or less, I wanted to have enough where they would appear in the container and to use as decoration on the board.

With the pom poms glued, it was time to decorate with the mini chalk board signs (I used these erasable chalk markers) with little helpful notes. You can use these for positive reminders as well as things you don't want to forget. I thought they were a cute addition that popped from the board and made it a bit more interesting.

I then added a list for Target (because I always need to go to Target), a sticker, and an Allegro Coffee rewards card that I always forget when I go to Whole Foods as examples of the many items you can put on this board! Other items you can include are:

- grocery list

- receipt for a return you need to make

- box tops

- card from a loved one

- tickets

- pictures

- doodles

- inspirational clippings from newspapers or magazines

- so much more!

The end result for this Target Dollar Spot Craft is a pretty funky cork board that is unique and fun to use! This cork board would be great for a home office, kitchen, home office, craft room, or kids room. You can customize it to express who you are as well.

Comment below if you try this craft and how you made your board unique! Did you use any other fun items at Target to make yours?


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