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The Giard Family - Mini Session

I met Annee Giard many months ago in the prenatal yoga class that I teach at YogaBalance. When she got to my class she was in the second trimester of her pregnancy and she continued classes all the way up until she was due (and then some!) and she was such a joy to have in class. I am so glad that she and her husband (Greg) asked me to take their first family photos with their sweet son, James.

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With Annee in my prenatal class, I found I was always laughing at whatever she said. Every class I have the moms do a squat with free movement, then structured movement, and finally a hold for about a minute. Every week, Annee would give me a look that clearly communicated she did not want to squat (honestly, who does??), but it got me and other moms giggling as we all held our goddess or fierce pose squat.

Annee was usually early to class as well, so it was always fun getting to chat with her for a few minutes before other students got there. She is very easy to talk to and, again, always has funny quips to say on so many things, but especially her pregnancy aches and pains. Despite having a pregnancy that brought a lot of discomfort, she always managed to find the humor in it and it was contagious to the rest of the group.

Getting to meet Greg at our session was lovely as well. With teaching prenatal yoga, I get to see the moms, but not the partners of the moms! He is a very kind person and certainly loves his son. Throughout our session, it was very sweet to see little moments between Greg and James, like James looking up at his dad and starting to smile!

And James!! What a little lovebug! James is the second baby of one of my moms that I have had the pleasure of meeting and he is such a darling. Good job, Annee and Greg, you made a handsome little boy! James was almost two months old at the time of our session and he was incredibly good. No tears were shed and we even got a few little smiles.

Thank you so much, Annee and Greg, for welcoming me into your home and letting me take your family photos! You have a precious little boy and I had such a great time getting to know you more and capturing a moment in time of your family of three.

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