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When thinking about your beauty routine, are you looking for a way to keep it eco-friendly? Using reusable cotton rounds for your makeup and skincare routine will help you reduce your waste as well as reduce how much you will be spending on disposable cotton rounds. 


This set of 14 cotton rounds has a white background with small black dots and bigger yellow, teal, blue, and pink dots with eyes in the middle spread throughout the cotton round. These are a two-ply (meaning two pieces of flannel sewn together) cotton round and perfect for makeup removal and skincare needs. 

Pretty Peepers

Only 1 left in stock
  • Set of 14 Flannel Cotton Rounds for Makeup Removal and Skincare Routines

    These cotton rounds are circular in shape with variation since they are handmade! The diameter is ~3in. They are also machine washable.

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