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When you are washing your face, do you get annoyed when the water drips down your arm? Ok, not just me? Cue the no-drip cuffs, which are made with soft flannel that absorb the water and keep it from dripping down your arm when you are taking care of yourself!


These cute cuffs are made with flannel and elastic inside to give you a tight but stretchy band that can be slid onto or snapped onto your wrists. The two snaps are so that you can unsnap the cuffs for a quicker dry in between uses. 

No-Drip Cuffs

  • Each cuff is ~5.5in long when unsnapped and made with 100% cotton. The cuffs come in a pair. 

    Air dry daily and machine wash weekly. For best results, wash in a delicates bag and air dry after machine washing to preserve the elastic longer. 

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