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No two of these Carolyn Totes are the same! The pockets on these hand-sewn bags are made from scraps from fabric used for my cloth napkins, so a great upcycle! All pockets can fit a cell phone in them and the bags vary in size, but can all fit a laptop in them.

The story behind the name of these bags is that they are named after my Gramms (whose name was Carolyn), who was a bag lady. Everywhere she went she had about three bags with her, and I’m the same way! She is a huge part of me life and I was very close with her (she lived with my parents for over 20 years, so I grew up with her living in our house with us for almost 10 years!), and when she passed away in 2022 I knew I wanted to do some kind of tribute to her on the shop. As I came up with the concept of this bag, I felt that naming them after her was the perfect way to thank her for believing in me and this business. If you happen to purchase a Carolyn Tote, I hope you can feel the love in your bag for one of the sweetest people in the world, my Gramms!

The Carolyn Tote

  • Each bag is uniquely sized and pocket sizes may vary, but all bags can fit a laptop and all pockets can fit a smart phone inside.

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