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100 Days of Goals

Making goals for yourself can be a daunting task. What goals do you want to accomplish? How many goals do you decide you want to accomplish? What is the time frame to complete them in? Many people start making goals for ourselves starting January 1st, because they want to start the new year off right (guilty!). But they then end up not completing the goals because they lose interest, things get busy, or they forget about it. So how about writing out your goals to be checked off? What if you had a way to make achieving those goals attainable and kept you accountable?

I recently read Elsie Larson's post from A Beautiful Mess about how she gave herself 100 days to complete 100 goals and it was quite inspiring for me.

After reading her post, I felt like setting some goals would be helpful for me to feel more in control of my life. So I did what I do best - I made a list!

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The inspiration for Elsie's post was that she has undergone a lot of changes in the past few years and felt like she needed to get back on track with herself. I am in a similar situation where a lot has changed for me in the past few years as well.

To name some of the big ones would include getting pregnant and having a baby, going back to work after having my baby, leaving my job six months after returning from maternity leave, starting my blog, continuing to renovate a house, and so on and so forth.

In Elsie's post she also writes about how the most noticeable difference is that she has lost 20 pounds since doing this challenge because part of her goals was to get to a healthy place in her body. My husband and I are on the tail end of the Whole30 diet, so this also felt relevant since I have been trying to formulate a healthier take on food.

After struggling with body image for almost 20 years, I had enough. I wanted a strict, no loophole way to reset and refocus on what I was putting into my body and so far, I am really happy with the decision.

Doing the Whole 30 was a 30 day commitment, which in the grand scheme of things, is not a long time. So how difficult could it be to set 100 goals for 100 days? At this time of my life, I am ready for things to elevate and not be as disjointed. I will be 30 in February of 2020 and want to go into my thirties feeling like a boss lady!

In order to truly transform into said boss lady, I wanted to tackle some goals that I have but have not accomplished. There are many that pertain to my business with this blog, The Beaded Sheep, and how I want it to grow so that it can support my family.

Some of the goals are things that I want to do with Lydia to make special memories with her. Others are smaller goals like going to a coffee shop alone (Mama needs a break sometimes), planting something (and hopefully not killing it), and making my own cocoa mix.

To make my goal sheet, I took a thicker piece of 8.5X11" paper and used centimeters to measure out my square. Why, you ask? I am terrible at math and I could get 20cms to fit around all sides without having to do any kinds of crazy calculations to divide it by 10 with inches.

I measured out a 20X20cm square. I then placed the ruler along one side at a time and made a little tick mark for every two centimeters, creating ten spaces. I repeated this on all four sides.

Making tick marks every two centimeters.

Then I lined up my ruler with two corresponding tick marks on opposite ends of the square and drew a line between them. I repeated this for every set of tick marks horizontally and vertically. This then created ten rows and columns, making 100 squares to write in my goals.

I pre-wrote a list of the goals I wanted to accomplish in the next 100 days in my blogging journal so that I had a pre-planned list that I would then write into the individual squares. This helped prevent me from writing two of the same goals, and helped me plan ahead instead of just trying to fill the squares.

Some of the goals I wrote down are bigger goals that require accomplishing smaller goals first, so I marked those with stars (as you can see in the above photo about KonMari-ing our house - more on that coming soon!).

In Elsie's post, she states that she colored in her squares when she accomplished a goal. I plan in using some fun colored pens to color in a little border on the inside of the square to make a fun rainbow effect.

More goals being filled in, some obscured for privacy.

With my list, I had a lot of goals that were of a similar theme grouped together, but I wanted to have them more spread out in my sheet. As I was writing the goals, I would write them in a random square, trying to keep them nicely spaced from similar goals.

Once done, you have a grid full of goals! I do plan on accomplishing these goals in 100 days, but not being too tough on myself. I realize there will be days when no goal is accomplished, while others might have two. As long as they are completed in 100 days is the real goal!

Completed goals list (with smileys on goals that are private).

When figuring out when this 100 days challenge would end, I mapped it out in my calendar and the last day happens to be a very special day. That day is the same day as my 5th wedding anniversary, which felt very fitting.

Today is the first day of my 100 days of goals challenge. When will yours be?

If you would like to follow my journey to accomplish 100 goals in 100 days, check out my instagram at @thebeadedsheep! If you decide to participate, add the hashtag #tbs100daysofgoals!


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