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{Mini Post} The KonMari Series: Paper - Part I

As we continue through the KonMari process, Aaron and I have gotten to the Paper category. Personally, I think this may be the category that I was least looking forward to. We have a lot of paper in a filing cabinet where we have always stored our bills and "necessary" papers. But we also have paper somewhat all over the place in our house in many different forms, making this task of wrangling it all a bit daunting.

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In the bookcase in our dining room, there is a shelf that I have relegated as the "old card" section. When we receive a card, I like to display it for a little while on our bookcase or the fridge. It is a nice reminder of a sweet gesture that someone took in sending someone in our home a card! Well, once the cards have been up for a few weeks, I will then take them down and stuff them on this shelf in the bookcase because I have no other plan for what to do with them. These cards include gorgeous homemade cards made by my mom and other thoughtful cards from friends and family for holidays, birthdays, and thank you's.

I started going through them the other day and truly had a really tough time getting rid of some of my cards. There were so many that were too difficult to get rid of that I have held on to them. My plan is to get some greeting card storage boxes to store them in, but I don't want my whole house to be covered in boxes full of cards!

We have a desk drawer that is also currently storing cards from my bridal shower and our wedding that I need to go through. There are some that I plan on keeping but am not sure as if I need to keep all of them.

I am also a journal-er (creating new words is fun!), so I have quite a few journals from over the years (cringe) that I think will actually come into play during the sentimental stage. I have a few of my embarrassing writing pieces from childhood that I feel like, despite being embarrassing, I should keep because they do spark joy and are a part of me.

So far, I have put up a "pending" file, which Marie Kondo suggests for keeping items that need attention. I have not totally committed to where that file will be placed, but I would like for it to be somewhere very visible and easy to access. For that I used a standing magazine organizer and used washi tape to make a label to mark it as "pending."

Once we have gone through the full process, I will post some pictures as well of our paper adventures!

Hopefully it will not take much longer to go through the paper section and then we get to the Komono section of miscellaneous items. With that I honestly have no idea where to start, but am excited to gradually get through all the things. Our plan is that once we have gone through all the categories and have stored what brings us joy, we will have a yard sale and make some cheddah off our old junk!

Happy tidying!




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