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Southern NH Favorite Spots

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Currently my family and I live in southern New Hampshire outside of Manchester, and we have been for the past four years. My husband is originally from this area, but I am a Massachusetts native and enjoy discovering new places to go in this area. For a long time, I was not interested in living in NH because I really wanted to stay in what was comfortable for me. When Aaron and I first got married, we lived on the North Shore in MA and enjoyed it since it was a fun spot to be in our early 20's. There are a ton of cute shops, cafes, and restaurants that frequented our weekly plans. Then we moved to NH and I had to find new places to dive into.

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The first place that I fell in love with coming up here is in Goffstown called Apotheca. This coffee, flower, and gift shop is a beautiful place to step into. The first time I went to Apotheca, I was in awe of how creative it looks with its artful decor and unique gifts. Many of the trinkets you find in the store were created by local crafters and you can truly find something delightful for a special person in your life. The cafe is a relaxing atmosphere that can invoke the creative spirit in anyone if you are looking to go there and find inspiration. I have gone to the cafe many times to write, read, or just hang out.

My next favorite stop is the Bookery in Manchester, which has been open for a year now! The Bookery is a wonderful indie bookstore that is a wonder to walk into. It is a small scale bookstore, but it is the type of place where you want to linger and soak up the good vibes from the books around you. Many times I have taken little Lydia with me to pick out a kids book or two and they always have a terrific selection of kids books with a fun kids area. The cafe in the back of the shop offers donuts with dips, coffee, beer and wine, as well as other delicious munch-ables. I first heard of the shop through the yoga studio where I teach since they wanted to offer a yoga class there. I jumped on the opportunity since I am a total book nerd and the thought of joining that love with yoga was something I could not pass up! Since then, I have greatly enjoyed stopping in, checking out the new books they have, and getting a coffee.

At the Bookery with Lydia a few months after she was born.

The last place that I frequent is the Inside Scoop in Bedford, where they carry Richardson's ice cream that is incredible. Having lived on the North Shore, I have been to the Richardson's location in Middleton many times and discovering their ice cream here in NH was life changing! I am a total sucker for their Death by Chocolate flavor, which is nine times out of ten what I end up ordering. The Inside Scoop is a fun, family-friendly location with a nice little lawn area in front of the shop where you can sit and enjoy your cone. They also offer wraps, sandwiches, and coffee as well. When I was pregnant, this was definitely a fun treat to get and the Inside Scoop was the first place Aaron and I went to without Lydia after she was born!

If you live in or have visited southern New Hampshire, what are your favorite places to frequent? Any recommendations of other places I should try out?


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