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Why I Chose to Teach Prenatal Yoga

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

I started my yoga teacher journey around three years ago when I signed up for my 200 hour training through YogaWorks at YogaBalance in Manchester, NH. When I signed up for that training, I was curious about getting my Prenatal certification, but it seemed like something I would do a few years down the road, but was not a priority right away. I was excited to teach my Align class at YogaBalance and get to know all levels of yoga students through the class. However, when I started my teaching journey coincided with when I got pregnant with Lydia and I started to become more interested.

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Me after teaching my all-levels class at around halfway through my pregnancy.

I taught all through my pregnancy, up until I was 37 weeks pregnant. This was a very eye-opening experience for me as a new teacher since there were a lot of poses that I did in my all-levels class that I could not do while pregnant, so I had to rely on my vocal teaching rather than my ability to demonstrate a pose. I was also able to help a few students who came to the class during their pregnancy, since I knew what modifications to use. I was also a Prenatal yoga student at YogaBalance, so I knew how we modified different poses and incorporated some into my regular class.

Fast forward to around 4 months after I had Lydia, and I felt very called to get my Prenatal yoga certification so that I could have a deeper understanding of what is required in a Prenatal yoga class. I received my certification through Om Births in October of 2018 and took on the role of Prenatal yoga teacher at YogaBalance in November of 2018. I then continued on to get trained on advanced Prenatal and Baby and Me/Postnatal yoga.

Teaching Prenatal yoga inspires me because there is an incredible amount of things at work in a pregnant body and I love being a part of that journey for our moms. I try to cultivate a positive and welcoming environment, as well as throw in a few squats. Having gone through the process of being pregnant as well as postpartum, I want to provide a safe and relaxing space for moms to feel comfortable and empowered. Teaching Prenatal yoga to me is a way to celebrate the strength of women and all that we are capable of.

That is why I teach Prenatal yoga and can't wait to see where it takes me!


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