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My Diaper Bag

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

A mother's essential tool to making it out in public with their baby and/or toddler is a diaper bag. You have heard of this bag. You have an idea of the contents of this contraption. But there are a few things that might come as a surprise as diaper bag essentials.

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My trusty diaper bag!

I love my diaper bag because it does not look like a diaper bag and could be used for another purpose when I no longer need to use it as a diaper bag. I got the bag from MooibyCarryGoodsCo on Etsy for my birthday before Lydia was born and could not wait to use this bag. It is a gorgeous burnt yellow color and is durable with the wax canvas. The bag itself is not overly heavy, so it is easy to carry for longer periods of time. The amount of items that I can put in this bag is also staggering, which was especially great when Lydia was little and I needed to bring at least two extra outfits with me everywhere I went along with at least 6 diapers.

Now onto the diaper bag essentials! Here is a list of the items that I always carry in my diaper bag as well as items that sometimes make an appearance:

Diaper Bag Essentials
  • Diapers: An obvious item since the bag is called a diaper bag! The diapers I am typically purchasing are either Naty, Cloud Island, Seventh Generation, or 365 brand diapers.

  • Wipes: We tend to pack the Naty Flushable wipes, since they are biodegradable. They are also a smaller wipe, which I like since I am then throwing away less wipe, especially for just a wet diaper.

  • Pacifier(s): My daughter is not super dependent on her pacifiers, but every so often they are a great way to soothe her if we are having an especially rough day.

  • Changing Pad: I really enjoy the Skip Hop Pronto Signature Changing Station. When using it in my regular diaper bag, I zip off the actual changing pad, but when I am not using the full bag, I will put the whole changing station into a tote or backpack.

  • Extra Outfit(s): Blowouts do not discriminate. Up until Lydia was about six months I would pack at least two extra outfits, but now I sometimes remember to bring one since she does not spit up or have blow outs as frequently at just over a year old.

  • Ditty Bag: The Vera Bradley Ditty Bag is what I use, since it has a waterproof liner in it. I throw it in the laundry and air dry it. This bag has been extremely helpful for those especially nasty messes and is really helpful for traveling.

  • Inflatable Boppy: As a breastfeeding mom, I used the Boppy so much to nurse since it was uncomfortable for me if I didn't. When I was out and about and Lydia needed to nurse, I would panic and then have to get into all kinds of contorted positions to try and nurse her. Using an inflatable Boppy was a literal lifesaver and is another great item to have when traveling!

  • Nursing Cover: I enjoyed using nursing covers that were also an infinity scarf, since they are a little more stylish and easy to pack.

  • Doggy Bags: When disposing of diapers on the go, I found using those little doggy bags that you see people using when out on a walk with their dogs to be super helpful. Sometimes there is no easy way to dispose of a diaper, so at least with the baggies, you can contain the smell, like when you are a guest somewhere.

  • Travel Utensils: These are not as important when baby is little, but once they start having solids, having travel utensils can make going out a little easier and eco-friendly!

  • Bibs: I always have at least three bibs in my diaper bag at all times in case we need to stop and have some milk or food and make a little mess. I use homemade bibs that my mom made!

  • Burp Cloths: I don't really need burp cloths as much lately since Lydia doesn't spit up anymore, but they are still helpful as napkins or to wipe noses, hands, spills, etc. Again, I use homemade ones from my mom.

  • Cheerios: They are the best snack and I usually put them in a small mason jar, or a snack cup.

  • Teethers: We use a variety, but when Lydia is teething, these are helpful to have on hand and they keep her busy when we are out.

  • Sippy Cup/Bottle: Lydia is no longer nursing and is on to cow's milk, so we use a sippy cup and I usually have a full one in the diaper bag when we are out. We love the Munchkin Miracle 360 cups, as we have tried some knock-offs and they have not compared!

  • Hand Sanitizer: I like to have hand sanitizer in my bag more for myself, since I wanted to clean my hands before breastfeeding, but did not always have access to a sink.

What a list! I definitely do not have all of these items in my diaper bag anymore, since some of them apply to nursing, but at one point I have had these items in there. What are some of your essential diaper bag items that are not on this list?


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