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How to Do a Socially Distant Easter Egg Hunt

Easter this year is going to be weird, let's just get that out there. 2020 Easter is going to be quiet, at home, and probably a little more minimalistic. But that does not mean that Easter can't still be fun! Here is one way that you can give the traditional Easter Egg Hunt a socially distant makeover!

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This year for Easter, I am putting paper Easter eggs in my window for a socially distant way to do an Easter Egg Hunt. I have seen a few different communities around the country are also doing this, which is such a great way to celebrate Easter with your kids without potentially exposing yourselves or others to COVID.

When I thought of this idea, I knew that I could not be the first person to be thinking about how to do a socially distant Easter Egg Hunt, and was so happy to see I was not. I'm excited to be bringing this to my community so that kids here can still hunt for Easter eggs even if there is no candy involved in this hunt. You can see where others are doing this same idea here and here.

Originally I was going to try to make my Easter eggs out of foam sheets, but making any shapes under two inches in size on the Cricut is a little difficult. I opted for paper Easter eggs since I have plenty of paper to open my own paper shop.

In Cricut Design Space, I went to "Images" and typed in "Egg" to the search bar. I was able to find the images that I used to create my three eggs for my front door. I liked the design of them and felt like they were pretty for Easter. I selected paper that I already had, but you can find some great Easter paper on Amazon here.

Once I cut out my eggs using my Cricut Maker, I used adhesive dots to glue the top layer of paper with the design cut out onto the plain egg shaped paper that would be the bottom layer. To adhere them to my front door, I used fishing line (my husband is a NH native if that helps things make sense haha) and taped the fishing line to the back of the egg and the top of my door.

I placed the the tape lengthwise on the back of both the egg and door so that there was more surface area of the fishing line covered to keep it in place.

You don't have to have a Cricut to make this craft either! Get creative and use different shapes, patterns, and materials to make your Easter eggs! You could make yours out of foam sheets, felt, cardboard, wood, whatever you have that you can make an egg out of.

If you have older kiddos, you can get them involved as well and have them cut out the shapes and decorate their own eggs. Use paints, stickers, crayons, or markers (or all the above and more!) to make your eggs unique to you and what your family enjoys. Add different accessories like feathers, pom poms, and glitter to really make them pop.

Once you have decorated your Easter eggs, tell your friends and have them drive by your house to see how beautiful and creative your eggs are! If enough people in your community make eggs, you can truly do a community-wide Easter egg hunt. You can always take a picture of your friends' eggs and send it to them, post it on social media, or make an album of all the eggs you found.

This Easter is going to be different. But that does not mean that this Easter won't be fun! If you are Christian and celebrating the season, many churches are doing virtual services for Easter to accommodate social distancing. If you celebrate this season of Jesus, you can "go" to virtual church and then take a drive around to see the Easter eggs around your neighborhood. If not, then still go see the Easter eggs and celebrate new life as Spring continues.

Sticking together and keeping positive is the best way to get through this situation, so we might as well have some fun! I am excited to see how many of my friends come by to see our eggs, as well as seeing the eggs my friends make. If you live in Southern NH and participate in this be sure to tag The Beaded Sheep and use the hashtag #thebeadedsheep on social media to let me know you made some Easter eggs and had your self a socially distant Easter Egg Hunt!

Stay strong, friends!!




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