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Selling Cloth Napkins on Etsy

As a crafty gal, a dream of mine has been to sell goods on Etsy. The idea of being able to make a product that other people would like to buy has a lot of appeal to it and always sparks my creativity. So making my own shop has been a long time coming, but it is finally here and I am so excited to see where this goes!

To keep you in the loop, my posts contain affiliate links! This means that if you buy something through one of those links, I will make a small commission to keep the lights on at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support!

Another reason why selling on Etsy is so exciting to me is that I love projects, especially new ones! If you could not tell from this blog as a whole, I do not shy away from a new project and tend to jump right in. Sometimes me ventures are successful and others are not so successful, but I am all for trying something new. Right now I am only selling reusable cloth napkins on my shop, but the possibilities are literally endless of things I could post up there to sell.

I was quite surprised with how relatively easy it was to set up a shop as well. Since this is something I want to do part-time, anything that simple and streamlined is up my alley. I am also able to access everything for my shop through the Sell on Etsy app, so I can see if any orders have been places wherever I am.

So why napkins? I love making cloth napkins. It is therapeutic and relaxing for me to pin them together and then sew them up. It is a pretty easy project where I can pump out a good number of napkins in one setting. There are also so many fun patterns that look super cute as cloth napkins and can bring so much life to your dinner table.

I got started with napkins over a year ago because after seeing my mom make them, I felt like it was a good first project to use my sewing machine for. If you are interested in starting to sew, napkins really are the best way to learn. Last Christmas I made them for my husband's side of the family and they were a huge hit, so I decided to make a bunch to sell at some point. With covid, my start date for napkins was delayed, but I had a good starting amount for when I did open the shop!

All that being said, I also really love cloth napkins for the environmental reasons. I love that instead of using disposable paper napkins or towels, I can cut down on my carbon footprint by using reusable cloth napkins. They look much prettier on my table and I know that I can wash them when I am done. After washing them, I also usually hang them up outside to dry so that they smell clean and fresh.

Reusable cloth napkins are such a great gift as well. I love being able to make napkins as gifts because they are a gift that is both practical and pretty. My mom made us napkins a few years ago and I loved using them because they always reminded me of her. We use white dishes, so any napkins will look nice with them and get to stand out on our table.

I love using my napkins as multipurpose items like wrapping fruit in them to go, as a crumb catcher in Lydia's lap if she has a snack on the couch, and as a cover for warm food to retain heat. Cloth napkins are great for holidays to spruce up the experience and be more durable. I love placing a basket on my table with a cloth napkin in it and rolls or breads to give my table a rustic feel.

If you want to take a look at the napkins I am selling click on this link to my Etsy shop, or click on "Etsy Shop" in my site menu! Thank you for supporting my shop!




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