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June 2019 Favorites

Over the course of a month, I try some things out and tend to gravitate towards certain items during my day-to-day. Many of these items I end up yapping to my friends about non-stop, trying to convince them how great these things are so that maybe their lives will benefit from having them, too. So now, instead, I can write about the things throughout each month that I have really enjoyed and just refer my friends to a blog post so that they can be spared having their ears talked off.

To keep you in the loop, my posts contain affiliate links! This means that if you buy something through one of those links, I will make a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support!

I have a few categories that my favorites fall under so that they are broken down into nice little chunks. Take a look below and see if any of these fun items are up your alley as well!

Mommy Helpers

Mommy Hook: I got the Mommy Hook from my best friend before I had Lydia, and this thing is amazing. I use it when I go grocery shopping and using my stroller so that I can hang my reusable bags on it, then my full bag of groceries. Sometimes I meet up with my mom at a mall between our houses and use it if I get any bags while shopping, as well as to hold my purse if I need to put it somewhere. It can hold a lot and comes in so incredibly handy, which makes it a great baby shower gift!

Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cups: These cups are fantastic for little ones when they are first learning how to use a sippy cup because they have handy handles on the side that Baby can hold on to. We have tried a few other kinds of cups that are knock offs and they do not work anywhere near as well as the Munchkin cups. We also have a set of the bigger cups which are helpful when you are out and need more milk for Baby. They sell a set of lids that are a great accessory if you are out and want to have a lid to the cups in case they are dropped or you are a germaphobe like myself.

Chicco Viaro Stroller: I use my stroller a ton. It is practically permanently in my trunk so that I can use it at all times because I use it for grocery shopping, Target runs, and everything in between. I got my stroller in the travel system for my shower, but have used the stroller more after Lydia outgrew the carseat with it being so much easier to transport her in the stroller. This stroller has a ton of room in the storage basket at the bottom that I can fit all of my groceries down there, or a full diaper bag, lunchbox, and a few miscellaneous items. At the top where I can reach are two cup holders and a little section that can fit a phone, keys, sunglasses, etc. This stroller makes my life as a mom so much easier and I love telling my friends about this stroller!


Prana Pillar Leggings: I got these leggings when YogaOutlet was having a 30% off sale on Prana and I am so glad that I jumped on these leggings! They are extremely comfortable and look amazing on. I got them in the Forest Green color and was pleasantly surprised that they were not see through when you bend over. As a yoga teacher, this is something I am extremely aware of because that is the last thing I want to worry about when teaching! The first time I wore them was for a private lesson and I felt super confident wearing these cute leggings with a t-shirt and felt like I could make a good impression by looking professional is these high quality leggings. If you are a fellow yoga teacher or a student, I highly recommend these leggings to add to your wardrobe, and honestly, I will probably be buying a pair in black now!

Yoga Dice: If you have a home practice, do you ever get a little bored with doing the same poses over and over again? These 7 dice are a ton of fun to incorporate into your practice to mix things up a bit and give you a new way to practice. I have used these to help guide how I want my practice to go and what I would like to focus on during that practice if I am not sure what I want to focus on. They also include a chakra on one side of each of the dice so that you can look in the booklet and pick your own pose that corresponds with that chakra.

The Little Book of Chakras: When I bought this book, I was interested in seeing what it had to say about the yoga poses for balancing the different chakras, as well as what signs you might see when the energy in the different chakras is off or in sync. This book does have a lot of great information in it for a small book, and I found it helpful in recognizing what chakras correspond with areas of my body where my energy needs to be balanced. Though I personally do not use crystals, it does go over what crystals are helpful for finding harmony in the body as well.


A New Day Backpack: I got this cute little backpack for my birthday back during the winter and still constantly reach for this little bag. I love that it is a backpack, but is not too large. It is easy to carry when running errands or when out and about, especially when I also have my diaper bag. It carries everything that I need when running out without being too cumbersome. The only complaint I have is that it can be a little difficult with getting a wallet out of it in a hurry and has no side pockets, but if you are out for a while and don't need to be going into your bag a ton, this is the perfect purse!

Loft Striped Tee: This summer my wardrobe had a little change because I really wanted to be able to wear a top without having to put on a camisole underneath. Last year, I always had to wear a nursing camisole if I was not wearing a nursing top, and it made for a very hot summer. I bought a few tees at the Loft this year including the mentioned striped tee, which is incredibly soft and comfortable as well as not being too sheer.


Little Fires Everywhere: I read this book for the local town book club through our Mom's Group and I really enjoyed this story! It was fun to read from the different perspectives that were scattered through the whole book from each of the main characters as well as seeing how far a mother will go for her child. This book was a fast read for me and only took a few days since it was light but still packed with a great story.

The Last House Guest: My local library's Facebook page advertised that they had this book and I immediately put a hold on it! I recently read The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda and loved it so much that I couldn't wait to read this one. I also own her book, All the Missing Girls, but have not gotten to reading it yet. The Last House Guest was full of twists and turns that I was not expecting the ending and was excited for how it ended. Definitely a must read!

That is all for my favorites for June, but I hope you enjoyed them! Were any of these your favorites as well? Have you tried any of these products before and enjoyed them? Let me know in the comments below!


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