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{Mini Post} Family Apple Picking

Fall is my favorite season, and one of my favorite Fall activities is going apple picking! Last weekend, Aaron suggested we go apple picking since it is a yearly tradition that we have been doing since we were dating. We were excited to take Lydia as well because she is finally walking and we wanted to see what she thought this year with her being older.

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With us going apple picking and me being a family photographer, there was no way I was going to go to the orchard without my camera. I packed my backpack with a few things for Lydia (diaper kit, snacks, milk, etc.) and had room to also put my camera! The backpack that I used is a foldable one by Reisenthel, and I bought mine at the Container Store years ago when I worked there. The color I have is red with cream polka dots, so the one I linked you to is similar.

The apple orchard that we went to was in Concord, NH called Apple Hill Farm. It was a gorgeous farm with a lovely view of the farm and other crops the farm grows. There were so many rows of apple trees and the apples were large and luscious! Lydia loved snacking on the apples and so did we! We were picking cortland apples, since they seemed like the best apples for baking as well as eating that were available.

When we arrived at the orchard, we went into the farm stand to pick up our bag and then both Aaron and I took one of Lydia's hands and helped her walk up the little hill towards where the Cortland apples were located. Watching her walk up (granted, with our help, but still) the hill was so incredible, since last year when we went apple picking, she was only about 4-5 months old.

At that time, we had to bring the jogger with us because she was so small still and getting to the apples was easier with the stroller. This year before we left, I asked Aaron if he thought we should bring the jogger again and he said to just leave it and we could always carry her. Thankfully, it did work out that she was able to walk around mostly by herself and we also did do some swinging with her between us, so that she could go a little farther and get a few giggles in!

Since we went to the orchard later in the day, the lighting was beautiful and made our pictures look really pretty! When editing my photos, I like to do what I call "light editing," where I do not do a lot of editing to keep my photos as natural as possible. Usually this just means doing a little brightening, removing a blemish, and cropping.

The colors of the apples and the foliage around us was already vibrant and gorgeous, so it made my editing pretty easy. I usually just brightened the photos and then warmed them to emphasize the cozy Fall feeling.

If you are looking to get photos taken of you and your family at an apple orchard this Fall and you live in southern NH, check out my photography page to book your session!

What is your favorite apple orchard to go to? Do you usually take photos of you and your family when you go?




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