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The KonMari Series: Craft Station

This is a moment I have been waiting for for a very long time. We have been in our house for over three years and we had a few different ideas for places (in our tiny home) of where to possibly put my craft station. We finally settled on a corner of our bedroom, but it took KonMari-ing the house to get it up. Finally I can proudly say that my craft station is up!

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This part of the house was previously occupied with an old roll-top desk that used to be Aaron's grandfather's (this house was his grandfather's and when we moved in his things were still here, so we kept what we liked!) and at first, I really liked the desk a lot. It was quirky and fun and old, which meant I wanted to keep it.

The tough part about having a roll-top desk (fun fact) is that it is not the best desk to have a desktop computer on(I have a desktop Mac from college that is now in our basement and is where Aaron does his side hustle stock trading), and it also just was not the desk for us. It took us a long time to realize this, but when we did it was one of those "oh no" moments where you realize now you need a new desk.

How the corner of our bedroom used to look with the roll-top desk about to be disassembled.

We dealt with the roll-top desk for a very long time (obviously, haha), but knew that we would eventually put up a craft station for me to use. Until yesterday, my craft supplies were all in Lydia's closet, which was no good since the best time to make things would be while she was napping. To get the stuff in and out of the closet was a lot and then I would have craft supplies strewn all over our dining room table with nowhere to go.

When we started working on the KonMari project in our home, I knew the time had finally come to make this dream a reality. What more is that in starting my own business, I need to have a place to do said business. Since I started this blog back in the Spring, I have been doing all of my work out of a big comfy living room chair, which is not always the best place to be productive. I also end up having my things all over the living room and it makes me feel disorganized.

Desk portion of the finished craft station.

Here at the craft station (yes, I am writing this post at my craft station!) it feels more productive. I have my yoga ball chair to sit on and work on my abs and posture (hopefully), and a nice clear desk to place my laptop and write, edit, research, etc. The station has three shelves and I am able to fit all of my paper for making cards, bits and bops, some sewing supplies, and my jewelry making supplies all on said shelves.

This craft station I was able to custom design when I worked at the Container Store years ago. We had a really great discount on their Elfa product and so I built this station to fit my needs and space requirements in my first apartment. I do appreciate that I kept this station small because it made for an easy transition in this home.

I also have a super cute mint craft cart that is stocked with my stamps, inks, and a few other card making supplies and tools. This cart has wheels, which was great for when I was rolling it all over the house, but thankfully now it can stay next to me and is a super cute accent in the room.

The last piece of storage that I have for this space is a cube shelf from Target that I got when I graduated from college for my first apartment. I do love this piece because it breaks up my stuff into six sections and keeps me from overstocking it. It has three sections that have a cloth cube to go into it, and the other three are open with a back to them so stuff doesn't fall out. The things that are cute and that I want to display are in the open ones, while my items that would not look great out in the open are in the cubes.

Cube storage.

In one of the open cubes, I have my blogging and craft journals so that they are easy to reach, as well as a few of my crafting books so that inspiration is not far away! Another open cube has a cute decorative box that is currently storing my washi tape collection. The last one has a bigger box of my thread, a paint night kit, and an extra craft light.

In the cloth cubes are my sewing supplies. One has my fabric and thread, the second has some of my tools and accessories, while the third has some already made napkins as well as some that need to be sewn. The top cloth cube has the napkins and what is nice is that once those projects are done, I will have that cube empty to hold supplies for whatever craft is next on my list.

The craft station has a sort of peg board right above the desk portion where I have miscellaneous items and a few decorations for inspiration. Of course I had to have a few sheep on there, but I also have some buttons from Ireland, a harmonica necklace that was my late uncle's, and a small journal I bought during my first trip to Italy that I wrote some of my favorite Bible verses in.

I wanted to keep the decorations to a minimum in this station because I did want it to feel fresh and clean, not overcrowded and noisy. The decorations I have make me feel productive and remind me of many happy memories, so I feel comfortable working in this space.

I truly am so happy to have this craft station/office space up so that I can use it and be productive when I need to be. Starting my own business has been a nerve-wracking process and leaving the comfort of a stable job was no easy feat. However, I am proud of myself for taking the leap, and having this space to do my work will be a huge help to continue being a boss lady.

The completed craft station/office!

Lastly, I wanted to say a huge thank you to my amazing husband, Aaron, who helped me by assembling the craft station and getting it installed. He has also been a huge support in me living my dreams and I could not have asked for a better partner in this crazy journey of life!

Comment below with what your favorite part of the craft station is and if you have a craft station that makes you feel like a boss!




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