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Valentine's Day Craft for Toddlers

Valentine's Day is such a sweet holiday, giving you a day to fully appreciate those around you whom you love and cherish! It is also a great time of year to get crafty and make something fun with your loved ones, or for your loved ones. This windsock craft was inspired by another blogger's craft, but I added my own little twist for Valentine's Day.

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I was looking around on Pinterest for some fun but easy crafts to do with my toddler and found this windsock craft by I Heart Crafty Things and knew this was going to be the perfect craft for us. Since Lydia is still a little young to totally understand crafts, I felt like this one was a good place to start. I was also trying to think of a way to make this craft, but tweak it so that is was a little different.

Last night I was lying in bed thinking of ideas and one came to me: cut the windsock into the shape of a heart! Truthfully, I made one initially with Lydia, but it didn't come out quite the way I wanted it to. So she went down for a nap and I tried again! That's crafting!

When I tried this with Lydia, I initially folded the paper in half like a hamburger (anyone else ever say that? You either fold it like a hamburger or a hot dog? No, just me? I'll go home) and cut the heart out so that the two hearts were connected at the fold. I then stapled the other free sides together, but the hearts felt small and I wasn't super pleased with it. See photos below with cute chubby baby fingers included!

After some thinking, I decided to just cut two big hearts out of two pieces of construction paper that were both pink. This worked out a lot better (at least I thought so) and I felt like I could distinguish that it was two hearts together.

Before attaching the hearts together, I decorated each side with some fun Valentine's Day stickers and foam stickers that I found at Target in the Dollar Spot. Lydia has started to enjoy stickers, so it was fun with the first version getting to see her place them on the hearts and feel proud of herself.

After stapling the sides of the hearts together, I glued a strip of pink streamer down to the point at the bottom of each heart. I wanted to add a little more color, but could not find another streamer at my Target that was a Valentine's Day color. Instead of using a streamer, I bought red tissue paper and cut that into strips to use. Before I glued down the tissue paper, I did pre-wrinkle the tissue paper, since I like the way that looks and it gives the craft more texture.

For the handle, I just cut a strip of construction paper and glued that to the stapled sides of the hearts so that it wouldn't interfere as much with the heart as the first version I made did.

The end result, I think, is pretty cute!! This Valentine's Day windsock craft in total took around 10-15 minutes to complete, so it is great for little ones who have a short attention span. After about 10 minutes with the first version, Lydia was getting into all of my supplies, so the timing was good for grabbing her attention for a short window.

Another great aspect of this craft is that you probably already have a lot of these supplies at home to begin with. It is an inexpensive craft that yields some pretty fun results. And if you don't want to use streamers, using tissue paper is a perfectly fine substitute!

Comment below if you try this craft out and let me know what you think! Did your little ones enjoy making this Valentine's Day windsock craft?




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