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Christmas 2022 Gift Guide

It's the most wonderful time of the year and The Beaded Sheep goodies are here! This year there are so many more products in the shop, as well as multiple patterns for each product, so I figured a gift guide might be helpful when it comes to shopping for your loved ones.

This year, I also have a very exciting new "product" of sorts and it is........ gift cards!!! You can either choose from a generic price point or choose your own with a minimum of $10. I decided to do this partly because I have had many customers tell me that someone they love would enjoy a product of mine, but don't know what pattern to get. With the gift card option, you can still get someone a gift and shop small as well.

Aside from the gift cards, I have a ton of products this year that are sure to bring joy to any recipient you choose! The great part about my products is that they are practical on top of being cute. I truly hope that when you give a Beaded Sheep product to someone that it is exciting for them.

For this gift guide, I decided to break it up by interests and qualities rather than by the specific type of person (i.e. mom, dad, grandparent, etc.). Without further ado, let's jump in!

Christmas Enthusiast

My first category had to be Christmas, and these gifts can also be great for someone who recently moved into a new place and needs some Christmas decor. You can't go wrong with some sparkly Christmas napkins and this year I also have added two variety packs (A Few Favorite Things and Poinsettia) where all four napkins in the pack are different. When you buy both packs, that gives you eight different Christmas napkins for your holiday gatherings!

Aside from the variety packs, I also have several new sets of napkins that have both modern and retro prints. Check out the gallery below for the different sets.

This year I also have paperless towel sets and small paperless towels in several different Christmas patterns that are a perfect companion for cleaning after some holiday cooking and baking! I know when I am baking, I enjoy having a cute towel to clean up my spilled flour, sugar, and sticky kiddo finger residue. The paperless towel sets are great for cleaning up big spills and for placing underneath a dish at the table.

To match all the paperless sets are small towels that are a great multipurpose product. The small towels can be used for so many things including a cleaning towel, a coaster, a tiny napkin, a washcloth for tiny hands, or a trivet for a warm dish (just not one that came right out of the oven). I use these tiny towels all the time for my kids and know that I will be using these constantly as my kids help me bake for Christmas.

For all the holiday products, you can check out the Holiday Collection on the shop!

Plant Parent

As someone who became a plant parent in the last year and as someone who knows a lot of plant people, this is definitely a category worth making! I am definitely drawn to patterns that contain plants because they can make a great neutral napkin, or be a great multipurpose paperless towel for both kitchen cleanup and plant decor.

All of these plant goodies can pair well with a plant, a gift card to their favorite greenhouse/plant shop, or a plant pot for their next plant purchase. Either way, these products will continue to add green lushness to their (or your!) home.

The Avid Reader

A few months ago, I found a pattern worthy of my bookworm status and have only gotten positive feedback about this adorable pattern! Bookworm is all over my shop in various forms as paperless towels and cotton rounds, so be sure to add these to your list if you love to read! Alongside these, I also have a cute napkin pattern that has kitties reading books, which is great for those who love reading with their furry friends.

Either of the small Bookworm towels would make a great coaster under a mug of coffee or tea while curled up with a good book.

Neat Freak

We all have at least one person in our life (unless it is ourselves) who is a total neat freak and loves getting new cleaning products. There are so many products in my shop that can fall under this category so I selected a few products that I feel would make a tidy person feel great satisfaction while they used them.

The first item in the gallery above is one of my newest products, which is a set of two washable sponges! There are three patterns for these sponges (see them all here) and they have been a huge hit since coming to the shop. They have a mesh side for scrubbing dishes and can be thrown right in the wash when they need a cleaning. The second item is my small paperless towel made with a terry cloth back, making it great at holding moisture while you clean and getting the tough stuff on your surfaces. The third item is a set of four paperless towels that are another essential addition to your cleaning regimen with their two layers of absorbent flannel.

Nature Enthusiast

Someone who purchases eco-friendly products has a high likelihood of also enjoying nature, so this category was a must-have for my gift guide! I love g