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How to Make a Maxi Skirt

Like many other ladies, I love a good maxi skirt or dress. They are flattering, comfortable, and easy to dress up or down. I have a few of each in my closet that I mostly wear during Spring, Summer, and Fall, (Winter here is New England is not always the time for a maxi!) and love adding layers when it is cold, or wearing plain on warmer days.

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So when I saw this tutorial on One Simple Bliss, I was so excited to try to make this maxi skirt! I recently started my sewing journey and the instructions for this skirt were easy enough for my beginner self to follow and feel confident with. So I headed down to Hobby Lobby and got my supplies to make this fun skirt. I made the skirt the day before I was heading off to a friend's bridal shower, since I felt like this skirt would be flattering, easy to wear while also being with my daughter, and would be comfortable on a hot New England day.

At Hobby Lobby, I took a look through the knit fabrics like One Simple Bliss states and came across this pretty purple floral pattern. I picked this one since I love purple and am afraid of wearing see-through things, so this felt like a safe bet to wear with it being a darker color. Once made, I paired it with a black tank top so that it would be cool on a hot day.

First, I had the fabric folded in half (like it came from the bolt) and cut off the salvage on the side. I also evened the bottom and top of the fabric as best I could so that I was working with even edges. Since I purchased two yards of fabric I did have to cut mine, unlike the instructions from One Simple Bliss. I added two inches to my skirt length for potential mistakes so that I could cut the fabric if need be.

Once I did that, I unfolded the fabric to do the long stitch. Being new to sewing, I just did a regular stitch with my sewing machine set to about 2-3 for the stitches. This is why I added the extra two inches, because I did end up cutting off the portion with my first stitch! Then, I redid the stitch at a 5 so that I would have an actual long stitch to create the ruffle.

Here you can see me sewing the stitch too short.

After I corrected myself and did the long stitch, I was able to pull the thread to make the ruffle. It was a little difficult to get the ruffle totally even with all the fabric I had, but I did my best to make it as even as possible. Once that step was complete, I stitched the fabric to the elastic. I got this black 1 5/8" wide elastic that was 2 yards from Sew-ology at Hobby Lobby. I stitched my fabric towards the bottom of the elastic like One Simple Bliss suggests. I pinned the fabric ahead of time and when sewing, I did notice that it was bunching a bit so there are some parts of the skirt that are a little more bundled than others.

Here is where I pinned the fabric to the elastic so that the elastic came to just below the stitch on the other side.

After I stitched the elastic to the fabric, I finished off the skirt by sewing the side seam, which I actually wear as the back of the skirt. I them did hem the bottom and folded my edge twice to make the seam. I didn't sew it close enough to the top of the seam, so it lays a little funky, but it does the trick (and of course I have no pictures of that, just trust my mistakes!).

All in all, the tutorial was very easy to follow and I did not feel in over my head trying to do each step. I felt like instruction was clear without being too wordy and over the top. This pattern is definitely one that I will be trying again in the future because it was so easy and enjoyable to follow. And I got a super cute skirt out of it! I plan on going back to Hobby Lobby to see what other patterns I might be interested in, or just go for straight up black.

The finished product! This is how I wore the skirt to my friend's bridal shower as well. Don't mind our missing baseboard, our house is a work in progress!

Would you make this skirt too? Would you try to make it even if you were new to sewing, like me? What do you think?


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