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Target Dollar Spot Crafts: Fourth of July Bag

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

When you walk into Target, there is a section right inside the front door full of items that are under $5. It is a glorious spot to find all kinds of knick-knacks that you might not need, but want and they are on the cheap.

Upon thinking about this section of the store, I wanted to take on the challenge of going into that section and finding various items there that I can use to make a completely different item. I thought this might be a fun way to spark creativity and challenge myself to think outside the box.

To keep you in the loop, my posts contain affiliate links! This means that if you buy something through one of those links, I will make a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support!

Enter the new "series" here on the blog: Target Dollar Spot Crafts! I will show you all the steps I took to create the crafts that I made using products I found in the Dollar Spot section. The first craft that I made was a Fourth of July bag out of an infinity scarf and napkins using a sewing machine. I did try to look for the products online to link for you, but after an hour of searching I came up dry.


1. Infinity Scarf (I used this Fourth of July scarf, but you can make this craft using any infinity scarf)

2. Four Cloth Napkins (Most any size will do, but mine were about 10X10in)

Here is the scarf stretched out so that the two sides are back to back and the quilter's ruler is at the halfway mark.

To start, I laid out my infinity scarf on my rotary mat on a flat surface and lined up the sides of the scarf so that the stars and stripes are even and stacked on top of each other. I then took my quilter's ruler and measured the total length of the scarf (30.5in). With that measurement, I cut it in half (15.25in) and placed my quilter's ruler where the halfway mark was (as pictured above).

Next, I took two of the napkins and pinned them together so that the edges and corners were even. You also want the folded edges of the seam on the napkins to be showing on both sides, since this will be the inside of the sides of the bag and we don't want those showing. I only pinned the two sides and bottom, not the top, since we need that open to put the scarf in.

Two sets of two napkins pinned together with arrows indicating which sides have pins.

Using the sewing machine, I stitched the pinned sides of the napkins together, having the stitch be right next to the folded edge. Be sure to leave an opening in one of the top corners to turn your bag inside out.

With the two pieces stitched together to create one side, I then took the scarf and pleated one end of it to pin into the top side of the bag. Once pleated, I placed that end inside the bag about an inch from the edge. Then I stuffed the scarf between the two pieces so that when turned inside out the handles will be on the outside. I pinned one end down, then left a few inches before repeating this with the other end of the scarf an inch from the other side of the two pieces.

Once you have the scarf pinned and inside of the two pieces, stitch with the sewing machine. Once you are done stitching, pull the fabric inside out so that the handles are now on the outside. Repeat this with the third and fourth napkin and the other side of the scarf.

With the two halves of the bag complete, you are ready to actually make the bag itself! Pin the two halves together and it does not matter which side is for the inside or outside of the bag, since they should look the same. You will be pinning the three sides that do not have the scarf handles coming out, since we want that part of the bag open.

Here are the two halves of the bag ready to pin!

By the corners is a bit thick, so you will have to start sewing the two halves together about a half an inch to an inch below the rim of the bag. You can hand stitch this later so that the top is completely stitched up. Your guideline for where to stitch will be that the foot of your sewing machine can't get over the edge of the fabric. I also found that the scarf was a good indicator, since the seam of my bag was where the end of the scarf was.

Once you have sewn your bag together, just turn it inside out, do any hand stitching to the top and you have a fun, unique Fourth of July tote! This pattern is not limited to the supplies I found in the Dollar Spot at Target either since you might find a unique infinity scarf at a thrift store, traveling, or hidden in the back of your closet. You can also use a different kind of napkin or fabric of your choice. Be creative!

The completed bag!

If you try making this bag, let me know how it goes and if there was anything you changed about the bag!


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