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The Fleming Family - Mini Session

During the summer, I was reconnected to my college Resident Director, Laura Fleming, via a mutual friend and it was such a crazy moment. Laura was my RD during my junior year of college when I was the President of my dorm building's (Lewis Hall at Gordon College) event council. Getting together over the summer felt surreal and interesting since I was no longer a student and her a staff member, but instead we were two moms at a playground with our kids.

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When I first saw Laura (after years of not seeing her) I thought, "Wow! She looks the same!" By this I mean that when I think of Laura, I think of someone steady and dependable, and she still gives off that vibe of being a grounded person. My junior year of college was a tumultuous year that made me a bit of a mess, and being with Laura always felt safe and good.

She is an incredibly intelligent person who has a deep faith that guides her choices. While she was my RD, she was also a mentor for me as I led the Lewis Events Council and had other leadership roles around campus. I always felt well watered after talking with her and under her guidance, I think I was able to be a capable leader despite my shortcomings!

I also knew her husband, Brian, since they both lived in the dorm hall with the students. Both Brian and Laura are down to earth people who make anyone and everyone feel welcome. They always welcomed us students into their apartment at Gordon and are no different now that they own a home in New Hampshire!

Brian and Laura have two sweet boys, Miles and Nolan, who are playful and happy kids. When I arrived at their home for their mini session, both boys were excited to show me how high they could jump as well as their awesome swing set! It has been fun getting to see Laura and Brian with their sons since when I knew them at Gordon, the boys had not been born yet. Now that we both have kids it has been fun to get together doing kid friendly activities, like going to our friend, Anna's, to paint pumpkins!

Laura originally reached out to me for photos because they were working on getting their front porch done and wanted to have a deadline to work with in order for the porch to get done. They now have a gorgeous and large porch on the front of their home in Goffstown, NH. They have plenty of room to sit a few people out on the porch to enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or maybe an adult beverage!

Their home is quite close to the adorable downtown area in Goffstown, but far enough away to not be in the hustle and bustle. Their neighborhood winds up a little hill and have a lovely view out over the town. The home sits on a rolling front lawn and has an awesome water feature in the backyard which lights up in the dark!

It has been lovely getting to reconnect with Laura and her family over the past few months! I am incredibly thankful for her and grateful to be entrusted to take photos for her and her family. Now they can also fully enjoy their awesome front porch!




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