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Homemade Napkins

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

I recently started sewing, since my mom gave me the sewing machine that she bought when she was pregnant with me. It was such a sweet gift and also a metal Bernina, so it is a great quality. I have not always been able to sew, but I used to make handmade bobby pin decorations and sewed those by hand. Using a sewing machine will certainly help me create projects a whole lot faster!

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As I am just starting out, I figured something simple would be the way to go with getting to know my sewing machine. The easiest project I could think of was homemade napkins. I, personally, love homemade napkins! I love that they are eco-friendly since I am no longer using paper towels at every meal and/or snack, as well as the fact that they are super cute. I love that you can pick out a pretty pattern and then dress up any meal with a homemade napkin. I also bring them with me on the go for yoga trainings and picnics, along with my bamboo utensils.

I wanted to make some napkins specifically for Lydia when I am giving her a snack or a meal. Currently, I have a lot of bigger napkins for an adult, but had the idea that it might be fun to have some kiddish napkins as well. I also found an adorable fabric at Hobby Lobby that had little ladybugs on it, since Lydia's nickname is Lydi-bug. They also had a very sweet blue with pink flowers pattern that I could not resist.

Ladybug napkin (on left) and blue with pink flowers (on right).

Honestly, I made another set of three napkins first with spare fabric that I had and they did not come out great. Reason being is that I only folded over the edge once and so now they unravel a little after I wash them. With the napkins pictured above, I folded the edges over twice as well as using a mitered corner, which made them look a lot nicer. Throughout the process of making them, I enjoyed feeling more comfortable on my machine and getting the feel of sewing fast as well as being precise around corners.

After making these napkins, I definitely want to continue making them! They make a great gift and they are fun to make! It is a nice project to always slip in between other projects if you need a break to think and just want to pump out something simple. If you sew, do you enjoy making napkins or have you not tried making them yet? Do you enjoy receiving homemade napkins?


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