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Target Dollar Spot Crafts: Rainbow Canopy

That dollar spot section of Target is full of interesting goodies and sometimes there are items that might not seem to go together, but actually can. When you use a little bit of creativity and a hot glue gun there are many more possibilities than you thought. Enter in my latest Target Dollar Spot Craft... the Rainbow Canopy.

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The Rainbow Canopy inspiration came to me as I was standing in the dollar section looking at a few rainbow artist skirts at Target. I wanted to try to make something that would hang and when I found a fabric frisbee a few bins over, I figured out how I would accomplish that. It came to me to cut the tutus and glue them around the frisbee to make a little canopy that could be a little reading nook, crib decoration, or general fun accessory for a child (or adult, adults can have fun, too!).

The supplies needed to make this craft!

What you will need to make this craft are the following supplies:

1. Two tutus

2. One fabric frisbee

3. Hot glue gun (and extra glue)

4. Scissors.

5. Ribbon/String (not pictured above)

6. Optional: Newspaper (or Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer, which is what I used!)

With supplies in hand, you can begin to make this canopy. The first step that I took was cutting the tutus. You only need to make one cut to the tutu, so pick a part that lines up with the middle of two strips of colored fabric in order to make a cut that will not also cut a colored strip.

Once you have made that cut, move aside the colored strips so that they are not cut during the next step. The next step is to cut the pink tulle underneath the colored strips into horizontal strips about an inch and a half to two inches deep for the side that you want to use for the front of the canopy. The side that you will have in the back does not need to be cut into strips, we will get there soon!

With the slit pieces of tulle, you will see there are two layers of the tulle that you are cutting through because these tutus have little pompoms floating in the skirt in that bottom layer. You will then tie those two layered strips together in a double knot. This will add a little whimsical aspect to the front of the canopy and keep the pompom balls in the skirt instead of all over your floor (you are welcome). You will do this to both tutus.

Now with the other side of the cut tutu that will go in the back of the canopy, we will bring out the big guns... hot glue guns!! Line up the two non-tied ends of the tutu so that the elastic band meets up all the way down to the bottom of the pink tulle. You want to have a small section of overlap, about half an inch to a full inch.

Take your hot glue gun and put down a small dot of glue at the red ribbon of one tutu and overlap the other tutu so that the glue seals them together. I would also say that the tutu you have on top should be folded under so that the cut edge is hidden and looks more flush. Then continue down the skirt adding small dots of glue to the tutu you have as the "bottom" part of the seam to the top.

It is a little hard to see them, but I have circled the hot glue gun dots.

Now that you have the seam in place, it is time to glue down the rest of the tutus. First, line up the new seam of the tutus to the seam of the frisbee. Add a larger dot of glue to the frisbee on the seam and press the seam of the tutus onto that dot of glue. Then pick a side and start glueing a small line along the edge of the frisbee and pressing the tutu against the glue. Once you get close to the end of one side, fold over the cut edge of the red waistband to create a nice clean look and glue down the edge. Repeat this on the other side.

With the tutus glued down to the frisbee, you should have what looks like a little canopy when you place your hand underneath and hold it up. Now you can pick out some fun ribbon or string to glue to the top sides of the frisbee next to the tutu waistband and create little ties to hang the canopy with. I used some teal ribbon that I had in my house already and cut them to be very long in order to have more wiggle room for what I could hang the canopy from. Once the ribbons/strings are glued or sewn down, your canopy is complete! Again, this is a fun accessory that you can hang above a little one's chair, bed, or blanket to create a cozy, whimsical, and fun space!

Let me know if you try to make this craft or something similar! Did you enjoy making it? Does your little one enjoy spending time under their canopy? Did you use anything different to make the canopy? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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